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I will admit that I snore.  My snoring was not only interfering with my sleep but was causing my wife to be awakened during the night.  Fortunately, there is a simple device that for me stopped my snoring immediately giving me sound undisturbed sleep.  I was awaking refreshed, and much more energetic than I had been in years.


Snoring is caused when the air way is partially obstructed by the back of the throat.  The snore guard, positions the lower jaw forward opening the airway allowing the smooth silent passage of air.  People, who snore, are not getting the deep REM sleep that your body requires to awake refreshed.  Without this deep sleep, you awaken tired, and can be irritable and have problems with thought processes.  Your body is being stressed, without the relief that a sound night of un-interrupted sleep relieves.




Another sleep issue that causes people problems is sleep apnea.  This is a problem which requires medical intervention.  The easiest way to describe it is a person will forget to breathe when they are asleep.  Instead of regular breathing occurring, there are times when the person will not breathe for 30 seconds or more.  for more information go to sleep apnea


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