Gold Crowns and Restorations

Gold Crowns and Restorations

Gold crowns and other gold restorations still set the standard for restoring tooth structure and lasting the longest of any restoration.  You may not like the appearance, however if function, longevity and reliability are concerns for you and your dentist, gold is something to consider. 

 What makes gold so special?  First, it is very gently to the gum tissue.  The edges of a gold crown can be burnished to tooth surface and polished to a point where there is virtually no discernable edge between the two.  Next it is soft enough that it does not wear opposing tooth structure away at a high rate.  This is especially important on people who grind their teeth.  It is better to grind gold away that can be replaced in the future than natural tooth that once gone is gone forever.  Finally, it is easier for the dentist to work with in the mouth.  Adjustments made to the bite can be polished to a smooth almost glass finish while porcelain, when adjusted can only regain it's smooth surface by being sent back to the lab or with plenty of time, persistence and work while the patient is seated.


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