Stop snoring appliance

Stop snoring appliance

Ever wonder what it would be like to get a full night's sleep because the person in bed next to you wakes you with their snoring?  It is fantastic!  And yet millions of people fail to get help for their or their spouses snoring because they are not aware that treatment is available, quick, easily done and successful for most people.  Also, it is not just the person listening that is not receiving that restful nights sleep.  Snorers do not get the quality of sleep that the body needs.  The act of snoring, the noise, the vibration in the throat and nasal passages may not wake them, but doesn't allow them to obtain the deep level of sleep that is necessary to fully function the next day.  Lack of sleep also leads to problems concentrating, remembering, and lowers your patient level.  But what can be done?

First, to the reason people sore.   The tissue in the back of the throat falls back when you are asleep, partially closing the airway.  The action of breathing forces air past this tissue setting up a vibration that we all recognize as snoring.  To stop this, an appliance is fabricated that fits over your upper and lower teeth.  This moves the lower jaw forward slightly so that the airway is no longer obstructed. 

The results can be phenomenal!  Waking refreshed and ready to go with or without that first cup of coffee.  If you our someone you know snores, be sure to not just put up with it.  Treatment can make a world of difference!


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