Implant Consultations

Replacing missing teeth with dental implants is still a mystery to most people.  I have successfully placed thousands of implants since 1986 and want people to have all the information possible so they can make the best choice for them.  Our office therefore offers a free consultation so that you can have all your questions answered.  Whether it is a denture that needs additional support to allow you to eat the foods that you like, or you are not sure that you want to grind down healthy teeth to replace a missing one or you just want to get rid of a removable partial, you need to know what is involved.  Having placed several thousand implants since 1986, I believe in the ability of implants to help restore a person’s dental health but they are not for everyone.  You will never know until you ask! 


 Call for your free consultation and I will personally sit down with you to discuss what our office can do for you.  Before then, please take a little time to review our videos on implants in our dental video section.  They are a helpful start to discovering what is possible.  


If you have further questions, you can also email me and I will personally respond. 


Sincerely, James Rore D.D.S






Eat with confidence the foods you love!



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