Specialized Training

Implant Dentistry

After placing his first implant in 1986, Dr Rore saw the potential of implants and applied for a two year mini residency on implants from U.O.P.  He took the course in 1989 - 1990 and then stayed as an instructor in the program in 1991.  After his implant course, Dr. Rore took his oral and written exam from the American Academy of implant Dentistry.  As a result of the examination,  Dr. Rore was admitted to the academy as an Associate Fellow.  Since that time, in order to stay current in trends in the field of dental implants, Dr. Rore takes a minimum of three days of classes and training each year strictly on implants.  He took his team to the national meeting of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry in october of 2011.  During the years, Dr. Rore has placed several thousand implants.  For more information regarding implants, please go view the video section on implants.  You can also search American Academy of Impant Dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Rore received his training in sedation dentistry from University of Southern California in 1994.  He received certification to administer intravenous and oral sedation to fearful patients.  The use of IV sedation requires a high level of recurrent training for both he and his staff. 

Dr. Rore is a California State Board examiner providing oversight  for the state of those dental offices that provide IV sedation.

Periodontics (Treatment of gum disease)

In 1990 Dr Rore completed the advance periodontal study group at U.O.P.  While he refers many periodontal cases to local specialists, the knowledge and experience gained allows him to be actively involved in his patients treatment and their fallow up care and maintenance.


In 1997, Dr. Rore completed a two year program with Progressive Orthodontics and has been providing orthodontic care to many of his patients.  While he still refers patients to the local orthodontists, the skill from his training and hands on approach, allows him to be active in his patients treatment. 


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